What is air conditioner?

What is air conditioner?

What is air conditioner? The air handling unit is one of the most important equipments in the air conditioning or HVAC department. Its main task is to supply, transfer and move suitable air and refine it in the desired environment. For this purpose, this device is used in public places, companies and commercial, industrial, etc. places for ventilation, cooling and heating.

In short, air conditioners provide comfortable air by using the cold water flow of the central chiller to the air conditioner cooling coil in summers and the hot water flow of the engine room boiler to the air conditioner heating coil in winters.

It should be noted that the word air conditioner is also used to introduce this device. The use of this word is due to the fact that in the past the word weather maker was translated as air maker, but due to the fact that no action is taken to produce air in this system, this device is also known as weather maker or air transfer unit.

What is air conditioner

Advantages of air conditioners

High efficiency and performance
Separate use and independence of ventilation of each complex unit
Avoid occupying the space of the house by installing on the roof
Filtration and provision of suitable air quality
It has a remote control.
Easy installation and maintenance

Types of air conditioners

In general, air conditioners are produced and supplied in 4 types and in different applications, which are: apartment, industrial, hygienic and household.

Any of the above types of air conditioners may be produced in the form of variable volume, variable temperature, or variable air volume and temperature as Full fresh air or Return & fresh air based on the needs of the project.

Among the main uses of the air conditioner, we can mention temperature regulation, air humidity regulation, air purification, fresh air supply, etc.