Air conditioning equipment

Definition of air conditioning

In general, air conditioning is a branch of mechanical engineering whose task is to provide air conditioning in terms of temperature control (cooling), humidity (humidifier and dehumidifier), pollution reduction (air purifier), etc. for human comfort.

Today, with the increasing temperature of the earth, things like choosing the type of air conditioning systems, updating air conditioning systems, increasing the quality and efficiency of these equipments have become doubly important.

By checking, controlling and accurate engineering calculations, a more suitable air conditioning system can always be considered to optimize energy consumption, save on purchase costs, service and maintenance of equipment, etc.

Types of air conditioning system

In general, air conditioning systems are divided into the following two categories:

House, industrial and semi-industrial air conditioning systems

1) independent air conditioning systems (mini chiller, split duct, gas cooler, water cooler)

2) central air conditioning systems (such as compression and absorption chillers, VRF)

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