Iranian Decorative & Interior Design

Iranian Decorative & Interior Design

Iranian interior design has always been a point of interest. The use of Iranian decorative items is one of the prominent features of traditional Iranian interior design. These items include rugs, mirrors, dishes, furniture, and other decorations that feature Iranian designs and traditional arts.

Iranian rugs are one of the most important elements of traditional interior decoration. Hand-woven rugs from Tabriz and Kashan are among the most famous Iranian rugs, which are used today as decorations. Iranian dishes and furniture are also decorated with expensive woods and metals and have high artistic value in their patterns and designs.

Iranian mirror making is also a unique traditional art that is used in interior decoration. The mirrors are decorated with wooden frames and bodies to create a stunning effect. Other decorative items such as candlesticks, copper and brass dishes, Iranian paintings, and more also help enhance the beauty and attractiveness of interior spaces.

The use of traditional decorative items along with other interior design elements such as suitable colors and lighting creates a unique and beautiful space that reflects the culture and art of Iran. This type of decoration has an exceptional freshness, distinction and attractiveness.

Iranian Decorative & Interior Design

Types of Decorative Items

Use of Iranian rugs as the main element of decoration: choosing a beautiful rug with an Iranian design such as Kashan or Tabriz rug can be used as a main decorative element, and other items can be coordinated with it.

Maintenance of valuable artworks: getting Iranian paintings, ceramics and crystal vases and maintaining them as decorative elements.

Using Iranian mirror making art: Iranian mirrors are very beautiful and can be used as a centerpiece of decoration.

Neatly arranging various decorative elements: various decorative items such as lanterns, candlesticks, candle holders, decorative picture frames, and more can be arranged in a neat manner in the home environment.

Combining Iranian and modern decorative items: some traditional Iranian items can be combined with modern tools and decorations to create a beautiful and unique space.