House and office equipment

Today, in some developed countries, facility engineering is known as comfort and environmental engineering. This name is important because, in order to create and benefit from favorable living conditions, in addition to the need to provide suitable heating and cooling temperatures, modern humans need to improve other parameters such as adjusting cooling and heating temperatures, proper humidity, filtering suspended particles and various pollutants. It is in air, water, etc.
Therefore, the presence of heating and air conditioning equipment and even air purifiers and water purifiers are necessary in every home and office. Necessary equipment that can bring prosperity and comfort to the residents of houses and office workers.
Residents of houses and offices need equipment such as packages, heaters, heating radiators, gas and split air conditioners, water coolers, and fans to provide heating in cold seasons and provide comfortable air in hot seasons.
Also, until a decade ago, Tehran was considered the only city with polluted air in Iran, but nowadays the increase of pollutants and thick dust in many cities of the country such as Ahvaz, Arak, Isfahan, Mashhad, Karaj, Kermanshah, Ilam, etc. It has caused the need to use an air purifier to be felt more than before.

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