Iranian carpet

Carpet is one of the most essential indoor decorative elements that is available everywhere. In Iran, carpets are well-known for their quality and beauty. For tourists who plan to visit Iran for their holidays, buying a souvenir carpet is very popular. In the following, we will introduce Iranian carpets to you, dear readers.

Authenticity and History of Iranian Carpets

The authenticity of Iranian carpets dates back to this country, Iran. This product found its first supporters during the rule of the Arsacid dynasty and then increased its popularity in the Sassanid period. Iranian carpets have different designs and patterns, including animals, birds, flowers, etc.

Introduction of Iranian Carpet Types

Iranian carpets are produced in most parts of Iran. Depending on the type of Iranian carpet, these carpets can be more delicate, durable, and firm, and can also have higher quality.

Fish carpets have cheerful colors and are suitable for use in spaces with dark colors.

Wool carpets have beautiful patterns and very high quality and durability.

Gabbeh carpets usually have brown and burgundy colors.

Lori carpets have various designs and patterns and are recommended for use in more colorful spaces.

Yazdi carpets are very popular and durable and are also water-resistant.

Iranian carpet

Determining the Price

The price range of Iranian carpets is very wide and depends on factors such as quality, raw materials, place of production, etc.

Carpet Market

Iranian carpets are sold in various cities of Iran and around the world. Also, in Iran, there are very large markets in the field of carpet sales, and visiting them can be a very good experience. These markets allow you to see different carpets and talk to carpet weavers.


Iranian carpets are of very high quality, and in addition to delicacy and beauty, they have higher durability and firmness than other products in this field. If you are also looking for a high-quality carpet, it is recommended that you consider Iranian carpets. For this reason, it is recommended to buy from experienced sellers and enjoy the utmost pleasure from this beautiful industry.