Iranian handicrafts

Iran, with over 7500 years of history, has a rich culture and art that has always flourished alongside literature, sciences, and religious teachings. Here, we will examine some of the most famous Iranian handicrafts.

Iranian handicrafts

1- Carpet weaving: Carpet weaving is one of the most popular and well-known handicrafts in Iran. Natural fibers such as wool and cotton are woven into carpets and other textiles.

2- Jajim weaving: Jajim weaving is one of the oldest handicrafts in Iran, which uses wool and cotton fibers. Jajims are often used as carpets and other textiles.

3- Minakari: Minakari is a beautiful and artistic handicraft in Iran that uses various metals such as copper, silver, and gold. In this industry, a layer of mina paint is prepared on glass or copper, and then applied to metals using special machines.

4- Fabric painting: In this industry, various designs are painted on fabric using different colors. These fabrics are used to decorate clothes and blankets.

Iranian handicrafts

5- Kilim weaving: Kilim weaving is one of the traditional handicrafts in Iran, which is woven using wool and cotton fibers. Kilims are often used as carpets and other textiles.

6- Pottery: Pottery is one of the oldest and most traditional handicrafts in Iran. In this industry, various pots are made using clay. These pots are used to decorate homes and for use in kitchens and sacrificial tables.

7- Wood carving: Wood carving is one of the popular handicrafts in Iran, where different designs are carved on wood or stone and then used to decorate wooden and stone products.

These handicrafts are just a few examples of the many traditional and artistic handicrafts in Iran, each of which is well-known and appreciated for its unique beauty and artistry around the world.