Rug & Carpets

Persian Rugs and Carpets are the most precious and magnificent manifestation of art and originality in the Persia plateau from the distant past to the present. Carpets in the Orient, especially among Persians, are not merely a floor covering but an artistic compilation of taste and an instrument to pour the spirit of art, pattern, and color of life into homes. The popularity of Persian handwoven carpets is detailed in the historical narratives.
The oldest handwoven Rug in Persia (called Pazirik) dates back to the reign of the Scythians in Iran, in the Achaemenid era. Currently, Tabriz (the city in Iran) encompasses more than 40% of Iranian hand-knotted and machine-made carpets which are called Tabriz carpets and the city has the world’s largest carpet gallery, but the Persian carpet also has other origins in this ancient land. See All Products

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Art Gallery

Art galleries reflect a society’s entire culture, thought, and art! Paintings, pictures, carpets, and other handicrafts are examples of artifacts and cultural products in various human communities and whose popularity has spread to new generations and countries. Paintings, marquetry paintings, tablou rugs (Pictorial carpet), calligraphy, 3 prints, and multiple illustrations using different materials have been popular in Iran since ancient times and are among the country’s most important artistic elements. See All Products

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A Handcraft embodies the first cultural symbol in early human societies and includes a wide range of creative activities and handmade things.

The crafts of every land reveal their background, what they have been through, and what civilization they have come from, and they have all considered each nation’s cultural and artistic works. For instance, Cyrus’s human rights cylinder reflects the 2500 years old Iranian culture of modern civilization. See All Products

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The first thing others see is what we wear, but the accessories can make and characterize the most beautiful form of appearance. these two complement each other to create a marvelous combination.

In a practical and conceptual sense, accessories actually show the standing of each person, create their style, and ultimately tell who they are. Accessories awaken the sense of distinction in people, create a new meaning, and refresh the human soul.

In general, an accessory is something that adds to clothing to make it more attractive. Wearable, decorative, or portable items are examples of accessories.

Making jewelry, handmade jewelry, and other types of accessories such as bags, hats, watches, and so on has been shared among Iranians since 2500 BC, which have been made with raw materials found in nature such as stone, leather, wood, plant dyes, and so on…See All Products

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Interior Design

Decoration means choosing and arranging home accessories. Knowing the different styles of decoration is one of the essential things in choosing the right decoration.

Many people think that arranging the interior decoration of a home is a simple task. Still, there are crucial points in this regard that If you follow them well, in addition to beautifying your home, you can make the best use of your home space.

Tableau, wood carving, wall Carpet: If you want to have a beautiful and unique decoration, It is better to use tableaus that are in harmony with the other components of the house. See All Products

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The sweets industry, lying at the heart of every society, expresses emotions, which are manifested in different shapes and forms. We can call Iran a “world power” when it comes to the healthy snacks, cookies, sweets, food industry, and the diversity of foodstuffs.

Any tourist who has visited Iran would undoubtedly tell you about their memory of delicious Iranian dishes and treats Each Iranian city has its food, confections, and snacks that reflect the region’s geographical, social, and economic conditions.

Since thousands of years ago, Iranians have had their unique customs, arts, handicrafts, and the food industry. Like many other people in the world, one of the cultural manifestations of the Iranian people is the delightful food and foodstuffs they eat routinely. Iranians have wonderful foodstuffs catering for every taste.
Each Iranian city has its unique edible souvenirs, which have won the hearts of the Iranians and the people across the globe.

From north to south, from east to west, there are irresistible foodstuffs that tempt everyone’s taste buds. See All Products

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Here you can find the best collection of vintage and modern decorative items for the Interior Design, very tasty candy, cookies, and foods. Also, you have a wide selection of the best unique gifts and souvenirs. See All Products

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Control and safety equipment

Generally, Control and safety system is called a set of supplies and equipment that are used in order to achieve specific and defined conditions of quality, quantity and even desired and specific services and to ensure the safety of the living environment and prevent all unexpected accidents. Among the most widely used and important control [...]
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