Types of air purifiers

Types of air purifiers

As you know, the types of air purifiers are known by passing the air around your home or workplace through the same numerous HEPA filters, active carbon, pre-filter and other passive or physical purification stages, as well as active filtration such as passing air through the range UV lamp or adding ozone to it, which is called a filter. (And the necessary explanations about both methods are provided below.) They purify and clean the ambient air up to 97%.

Air purifiers can be selected and purchased according to the intended space and use. According to your needs, air purifiers can be used for home, work and office environments, cars or medical and industrial spaces, and you can reach the best and most suitable option after consultation with the experts of Damatajhiz.

Types of air purifiers

Desktop air purifier

Small to medium dimensions of this type of air purifier that can be used at work or home.

Standing air purification

It is bigger than the air purifier on the table and has more and more complete air purification steps and can be used in small and large houses, offices or companies based on the size.

Combined air purification

This device is small and can be used as a neck pendant with ion absorption capability and purify the air around your nose and mouth as it moves.

Car air purifier

This device can be installed on the dashboard or center console of the car and is charged with a car lighter or a pen battery. This device is very useful for those who travel in big and polluted cities. The important thing about this device is that it should not be in direct sunlight or heat.