Water treatment applications

Water treatment applications

What is water treatment applications. As you know, water purification plays an important role for various applications in daily life. Water should be purified in homes in such a way that it is suitable for drinking and cooking. Scientific research has proven that the health and life of us humans depends on the quality of the water used. Even in fish breeding ponds and agricultural ponds, water purification is necessary to have better products.

One of the applications of the home water purifier is to deal with problems such as water hardness (caused by the dissolution of minerals, especially calcium and magnesium) and tap water pollution (due to various reasons, it contains minerals such as lime, gypsum, pollutants chemical, nitrite, nitrate, etc.), which makes the use of a water purifier a necessity. In the following, we will get to know some of the most important applications of water purification in different parts of life.

Applications of home water purifier

In reverse osmosis filter or membrane filter water purification devices, particles smaller than 0.001 micron, mineral salts, taste, smell and any harmful pollutants such as microorganisms, parasites, nitrates, water chemicals such as chlorine, organic chemicals etc. are decomposed from water. However, it is possible that some bacteria remain in the water, and new water purifiers with UV (ultraviolet) technology remove these organisms from the water and provide you with clean and healthy drinking water. .

Among the applications of the home water purification device, the following can be mentioned:

Household water purifier reduces the hardness of water, so using purified water for cooking prevents various diseases, especially kidney and digestive diseases. The use of purified water is very important for pregnant women, minors and kidney patients.

The household water purifier removes mineral salts and the use of purified water prevents the formation of foam and sediment in the kettle, samovar, tea maker, iron tank, refrigerator water tank, etc.

6-stage water purifiers have membrane filters and are able to remove dangerous nitrite and nitrate compounds from drinking water.
Washing the fruits with purified water prevents the contamination of the fruit with harmful water pollutants.

Water treatment applications

Application of industrial water purifier

The industrial water treatment device turns underground water into usable water. This device removes all kinds of salts and other harmful substances from water and finally provides usable water.
The industrial water purifier has many uses. Among the important uses of this device are:

Industrial water purifiers (desalinizers) are used to provide water needed for agriculture, greenhouses, and livestock and poultry growth.

The industrial water purifier turns salty water into potable drinking water. It is used in food, automobile, plastic, petrochemical, paper, paint, textile, pharmaceutical and health industries.It is used to supply water to steam power plants and dialysis machines.

Problems caused by the presence of mineral salts in water

As we said, untreated water has many mineral salts that cause many problems in human health. In addition to that, chlorine and some other chemicals are used to purify water in the municipal water treatment system, which actually can only destroy some bacteria and viruses in untreated water. But chlorine itself remains in the water along with other microorganisms and especially excess salts, which of course is one of the toxic and harmful chemicals for the body. Among the problems caused by the presence of additional salts, the following can be mentioned:

Damage to the skin and hair, causing digestive problems and the formation of kidney stones.

Increasing the surface tension of water, which reduces the performance of water in removing fats (dirt).

Clogging of pipes and fittings.