Types of air conditioners

What is an air conditioner?

Air conditioner or split is one of the subsets of air conditioning equipment, which works like a water cooler by electric energy (electricity), but in terms of components and cooling system. An air conditioner is completely different from a water cooler. Generally; All air conditioners work based on the compression refrigeration cycle.

In such a way, first the refrigerant liquid is cooled in the outer part or the outer panel of the air conditioner (condenser) and is transferred to the expansion valve through the copper pipe and from there it enters the coil of the inner panel in the form of refrigerant gas to absorb the ambient heat. becomes After passing through the coils of the internal panel (evaporator), the air inside turns into cool and pleasant air and brings comfort and well-being to the residents. (To see comprehensive information about air conditioners, you can refer to the articles section of the specialized collection of Damatajhiz)

Types of gas and split air conditioners

Now we want to talk about the types of air conditioners. This type of air conditioner is divided into four main categories, including window air conditioners, portable air conditioners, and wall and standing split air conditioners, which are as follows.


It is the simplest type of air conditioner that is designed and produced in one piece. It means that the compressor and the panel are located together in one box. These types of coolers have a small and compact design and are often installed on the window of the room, and you must have seen them many times. That is why they are called window air conditioners. Installing a window air conditioner is very easy. You just need to determine its location and connect the plug of the device to the electrical outlet. Of course, you must know that the back of the air conditioner must have access to the open space so that the hot air behind the device is pushed out. Window air conditioners are usually produced in capacities of 9000 to 24000 and their best use is in places with a size of less than 50 meters.

Types of air conditioners


A portable air conditioner, like a window air conditioner, contains all the parts and is a fabric. The reason for the name of these coolers is that they are portable and not attached to the wall or ceiling. In some cases, they have wheels that make them easy to move around.

Air conditioner and wall split

These coolers consist of two units, an internal unit and an external unit. The external unit consists of a compressor and a condenser that is installed outside the building. The indoor unit, which is actually a cooling panel (evaporator), is placed inside the building and on the wall. These two units are connected to each other by two copper pipes. Due to more efficiency such as cooling and heating at the same time and low noise. The compressor is installed outside the environment, etc., this type of air conditioner can be introduced as the most popular. Wall splits are produced and supplied in capacities of 9000 to 32000.

Air conditioner and standing split

Standing air conditioners, like air conditioners and Deva splits, consist of two internal units (evaporator) and external units (compressor and condenser). which are connected to each other through a copper pipe and perform cooling and heating operations. The difference between these two products is in the installation method and the location of the indoor unit. In a standing air conditioner, the indoor unit is usually placed standing on the ground. Basically, standing air conditioners are used in places such as arcades, halls, mosques, stores, large restaurants, banks and environments that are large in terms of area. Standing air conditioners are produced and supplied in capacities of 45,000 to 90,000.