-Beautiful design with low noise
-Using dual inverter technology
-Has energy grade A label
-Equipped with a rotary compressor
-Powerful wind throw up to a distance of 13 meters
-Equipped with gold fins (GOLD FIN) with very high resistance against corrosion and erosion
-With an indicator of the amount of electricity consumption
-Equipped with intelligent troubleshooting system
-Fast and easy installation


The LG 13000 M13AJH inverter air conditioner is the latest model of the LG inverter air conditioner that was introduced to the air conditioning market in 2020. This air conditioner with the unique design of LG South Korea is produced and assembled in China.

LG M13AJH inverter air conditioner with a cooling capacity of 13000BTU/hr and a heating capacity of 12800BTU/hr is suitable for use in temperate climates. The gas used in the new 13000 LG inverter air conditioner is R410a, which is more efficient than the R22 gas used in old air conditioners.